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The CASA Youth Council (CYC) is a mental health action group that was launched in May 2016 to create a platform for youth-driven mental health initiatives. Since its inception, the CYC has grown from four to eighteen volunteer council members. Council members range in age from thirteen to twenty-five, and the council represents many unique perspectives. CYC members have worked hard to build a collaborative, driven group that is a microcosm of the diverse Edmonton youth voice. All directions and projects are designed and actioned by the interests and energy of the youth members, and members are encouraged to participate in ways that feel safe and meaningful to them.


You can learn more about what the CYC has been up to by contacting the CYC facilitators, checking out our infographic, or by reading our Terms of Reference.

CASA Youth Council Membership
The CASA Youth Council consists of eighteen seats. Council meetings are held once per month to create and action projects that will develop understanding, increase awareness, and reduce stigma around mental health and mental illness in the community.


All the spots on the CASA Youth Council are currently filled, but if you would like to get involved please email to find out about our subcommittees or to be placed on the wait list for a council position. If you would like to be placed on our wait list, please fill out our expression of interest form here.

Joining a CASA Youth Council Subcommittee
Even if you aren’t a sitting member of the CASA Youth Council, there are still opportunities to get involved with our projects by joining a CYC subcommittee! CYC subcommittees are small groups that work to action the projects of the council, and membership is open to youth who are not members of the CASA Youth Council. Each subcommittee focuses on a different CYC initiative. You can read more about CYC subcommittees by clicking here.


To learn more about the subcommittees and how you can get involved, please contact the CYC coordinator at

Unseen: Youth Mental Wellness Magazine

Unseen: Youth Mental Wellness Magazine is a mental health publication created by the members of the CASA Youth Council. Unseen works to provide a youth lens on various aspects of mental health. We are extremely happy to share with you, after a long wait & much anticipation, the third edition of Unseen! This past year, the CASA Youth Council Unseen Subcommittee and connected community members have worked hard to write various stories addressing their own personal journeys, insights, and ideas for change regarding mental health and illness. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our spirit with you, and hope you can take away some new knowledge from our words.


Printed copies of Unseen 3 are available; please click here if you are interested in a printed copy. You can download the latest version, as well as previous versions, below:


Unseen: Youth Mental Wellness Magazine (issue one)

Unseen: Youth Mental Wellness Magazine (issue two)

Unseen: Youth Mental Wellness Magazine (issue three) - NEW


Please note: The views and opinions expressed in Unseen: Youth Mental Wellness Magazine are those of the members of the CASA Youth Council and do not necessarily reflect the official position of CASA Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health.

Mental Health Presentations 

The CASA Youth Council provides presentations on mental health for high school students! Presentations are composed of research-based information on mental health as well as personal stories of resilient youth who have worked through their own mental health challenges. Students will leave with a better understanding of what mental health is, how it affects them and others, and how to take care of their own mental health. All presenters are trained CYC youth and presentation content has been carefully reviewed by educational professionals. The CYC believes that education can be a powerful tool in reducing stigma and in empowering young people to be mentally healthy. Book a presentation for your classroom or group here!

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