CASA Trauma Team Resources in Response to COVID-19

During this extraordinary time, our therapy teams at CASA are working hard to creatively meet the needs of our families.


CASA is following recommended guidelines regarding physical distancing and mainly communicating over the telephone. We hope to enrich our telephone therapy sessions with visuals and handouts to better communicate new concepts, review key points and to enable our families to continue the work at home.


Our therapy team continues to be passionate in helping caregivers and their support systems in becoming their children’s therapy coach and to enhance family dynamics!


Please follow the link below to access the resources as guided by your therapist. 


Please read these important notes before accessing your resource:

1. We ask that you use these resources for your personal use only and refrain from reproducing and distributing these resources.

2. Please refrain from using these resources without the guidance of your therapist.   These resources are meant to aid and enhance your therapy session and are discussed with your family based on your individualized therapeutic needs.  Resources may not be as useful without the explanation and guidance from your therapy team.


3.If you are interested in discussing a particular hand-out/resource that has yet to be discussed in session, please bring this up to your therapist or support staff in your telephone sessions and we will be happy to guide you through.