Trauma and Attachment Group (TAG)

CASA’s Trauma and Attachment Group (TAG) uses trauma-informed approaches and evidence-based practices for children experiencing or affected by attachment disorders and/or complex developmental trauma.


This specialized program is designed to promote healthy attachment between children and caregivers living in biological, adoptive, foster or kinship families.

The Program

  • 32-week program, offered twice per year in September and January for the 5-12 year cohort, and once per year in September for the 12 - 17 year cohort.

  • Treatment focuses on resolving the symptoms of trauma by supporting healthy parent-child relationships.

  • Families take part in individual, play and group therapy.

Who It’s For

Children and youth aged 5 - 17 years who have been:

  • Diagnosed with an attachment disorder; and

  • Living in a secure, safe home for a minimum of one year with committed non-biological parents or guardians or biological parents not involved in the trauma story.

  • Families should be relatively stable and able to participate in treatment for up to two years.

  • Children or youth that have already accessed individual therapy in the community.

Referrals must be made by a mental health therapist or psychiatrist from AHS with a completed trauma program referral package submitted through centralized intake at Alberta Health Services.


A physician or private therapist with a completed trauma program referral package submitted to CASA Intake by fax or mail:
CASA Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health (CASA Centre)

10645-63 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6H 1P7

Fax: 780-435-6261