Resources for Specific Mental Health Topics

  • The Canadian Mental Health Association - A mental health resource list updated biannually and containing a wide range of mental health resources in the Edmonton area.

  • eMental Health - A web-based resource that offers a publicly accessible database of resources specific to a desired city. A feature of this site is that you can specify what mental health topic you want resources for (i.e., depression) just specify what you are looking for and the city you are in and instantly have information regarding what supports are available near you.

  • Video: 10 Common Mental Illnesses Crash Course (13 Minutes)



  • The ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton - Hosts 3 different support groups: Adults with ADHD, Parents of children with ADHD, and Partners of people with ADHD. Meeting times and more information can be found on their website.

  • ADHD Childhood - This guide offers a starting point for when your school aged child starts exhibiting symptoms of ADHD. Though they are based in the USA it offers a helpful perspective about how to start caring for your child’s ADHD.

  • ADHD 101: A Definitive Guide for Students - This is a comprehensive guide to help those struggling to navigate through life with ADHD. It covers a wide range of life topics from studying to budgeting.

  • - Here you will find plenty of information about ADHD as this site provides education, advocacy, and support for anyone whose lives life is affected by ADHD, including parents and caregivers. Educators, professionals, and parents will find information about current research advances, medications, and treatments for ADHD.

  • Video: Understanding the scattered (ADHD) brain (5 Minutes)




  • Homophobic Bullying Prevention Tips for Youth - Alberta Children’s Services and Education has released an information page specifically focused on homophobic bullying prevention tips for youth.

  • What Adults Can Do to Prevent and Stop Bullying - Alberta Children’s Services and Education has also released an information page targets at what adults can do to help stop bullying.

  • Media Smarts - An organization that promotes digital and media literacy through a number of resources and programs. They have a number of supports specifically aimed at cyberbullying among other options that help prepare both parents and children for the digital and media issues they might face.

  • Bully Free Alberta - This site has resources immediately available to parents, youth, and community members including 24 hour bullying phone and chat services as well as information pages.

  • Video: How to stop a bully (7 Minutes)


Developmental Delays and Learning Disabilities

Eating Disorders


  • Catholic Social Services hosts a number of support programs for those who have been affected by FASD. This includes outreach programs, educational services, and mentorship programs.

  • Edmonton and Area Fetal Alcohol Network (EFAN) - This network focuses on public awareness, education and training, prevention programs for women in childbearing years, including pregnant women, assessment, diagnosis, management and supports for children and adults. Under the resources tab, there is a 60-page booklet “FASD Strategies Not Solutions” with strategies for dealing with FASD. The program tab has a brochure with programs in the Edmonton area that deal with FASD. 

  • FASD Support and Resources in Alberta - This site lists services, supports and resources specifically for families and other caregivers of children, youth and adults affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in Edmonton, Calgary and other regions of Alberta