Rehabilitation Services

CASA’s Rehabilitation Services Program is a specialized service which provides occupational therapy and speech language pathology assessment, intervention and consultation for children and adolescents who currently receive mental health services through CASA. Rehabilitation Services aids clinicians and families whose child is experiencing mental health difficulties and a co-occurring developmental delay in the areas of speech, language and/or sensory-motor development. 

This program only accepts internal referrals from CASA clinicians. 

The Program

  • Occupational therapy services are provided to support fine and gross motor proficiency, visual perception, printing, classroom accommodation, assistive technology, activities of daily living, sensory processing and feeding.

  • Speech language pathology services are provided to support receptive and expressive language, social communication, speech sounds, reading and writing, phonological awareness, voice, resonance and fluency (i.e., stuttering), feeding and swallowing.

  • Occupational therapy and speech language pathology services are embedded in CASA’s tertiary-level programs (i.e., CASA House and the Day Programs) and are also available for CASA’s outpatient programs through referral by a CASA clinician.

Who it’s for
Children and youth who are:

  • Current CASA patients actively engaged in therapy.

  • Struggling with a delay or disorder in speech and language, or sensory-motor development.

  • Unable to access speech language pathology and/or occupational therapy supports through their school or community.

Please speak to your CASA therapist to discuss a referral to Rehabilitation Services.