On the Run for a Good Cause: The Streets Initiative Supports CASA

Tim Leach has a goal: to jog every street, alley, cemetery, golf course and paved path that Edmonton has to offer. Why? His organization, The Streets Initiative, donates $1.00 for every kilometre he runs to Edmonton and area charities.

So far, he’s covered an astounding 1,200 kilometres, and when you add additional donations he’s received in support of what he’s doing, he has raised approximately $3,300 – and that’s just in the past year since he’s launched the organization.

“I've always liked running so I guess The Streets Initiative was born from a combination of my enjoyment of it, and the desire to somehow give back to my community in some way, even if it's in a small way,” says Leach.

Leach features a local runner every two months and has them select which organization the donations for that period are directed. This month's runner, Kyley Moisey, has chosen CASA!

Check out Tim’s website at, and be certain to keep an eye out for him around town – most recently, he’s completed the entire neighborhood of Summerside.

“In any case, The Streets Initiative will not fail since, no matter what, worthy charities will receive donations every period until I'm done. My hope is that I can gather momentum over time and increase donations as much as possible.”

On behalf of CASA and all of the worthy causes that make their home in Edmonton, thank you Tim, Kyley and The Streets Initiative!