Acknowledgement of Kamloops Discovery

CASA is deeply saddened to learn of the discovery of the grave site of 215 Indigenous children who died at a residential school in British Columbia. As an organization that works with children and youth, as well as closely with educators, we carry the responsibility of helping our young people understand the generational damage that ripples into the present because of Canada’s residential school system.

To honour the 215 Indigenous children, along with the thousands of others who never came home from residential schools, CASA Centre flew the flag at half-mast the week of May 31. CASA is committed to cultivating a culturally safe workplace and recognizing the importance of responding to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission report.

CASA has identified Cross-Cultural Understanding with a Strong Focus on Indigenous Ways as an operational priority for the 2020-2021 year. To read more on this initiative, visit our Mission, Vision and Values page.