A Message from CASA CEO Bonnie Blakley: Pride Month and the Path Forward

June is Pride Month! What an amazing opportunity to recognize and celebrate diversity and inclusivity within our communities. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the work CASA does with children, adolescents and families as we deliver mental health services, and our responsibility in understanding those we serve so we can provide safe, effective care. CASA is committed to creating a diverse workplace that reflects the communities and patients we serve. This can only happen if we make a conscious effort, involve those we serve, and take intentional action to create the environment in which we aspire to provide care. CASA, like many other organizations, is on a journey in this regard. We have started to take small steps and we are excited about taking greater steps as we create a new strategic plan.

What are the steps CASA has already taken or are underway?

  • Our Board held a strategic planning day in which they clearly articulated their commitment for CASA to embrace equity, diversity and inclusivity in a meaningful way.

  • We have created a Director of People & Culture position and are currently in the recruitment stage. This position will be responsible for a number of departments, however its creation is a signal that we are going to be more intentional in how we create and nurture culture.

  • An Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Lead position has also been created to assist the organization in being purposeful in this important work.

  • We are in the process of forming an internal Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Council.

As mentioned previously, this is a journey CASA is continuously on. We value celebrating Pride Month. We also recognize the importance of continuing the conversation and the work that needs to be done year-round. Please feel free to always reach out to me with any feedback regarding inclusivity at CASA at -Bonnie Blakley, CEO, CASA Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health and David McNeil, Chair, CASA Board of Directors