Psychological Assessment and Consultation

The Psychological Assessment and Consultation (PAC) team offers consultation, specialized assessment and clinical clarification through evidence-based psychological and educational testing. This program aids clinicians and families whose child may be struggling with mental health issues and may benefit from further testing and assessment.

The Program

  • Examines the child’s reasoning abilities, academic performance and       social/emotional/behavioural functioning. Additional memory, executive function, attention, language and personality measures may be included.

  • Helps families, teachers and clinicians interpret past and present psycho-educational reports.

  • Helps support and complement therapeutic and psychiatric services youth are receiving at CASA.

Who It’s For
School-aged youth who are:

  • Current CASA clients actively engaged in therapy;

  • Struggling with mental health, learning and/or attention difficulties; and

  • Unable to access assessment or classroom support through their school or community.

Please speak to your CASA therapist for a referral to PAC.