CASA Infant and Preschool Services

CASA’s Infant and Preschool Services (IPS) clinic provides early intervention, evidence-based, trauma-informed mental health assessment and treatment to infants, preschoolers and their families within the community.


IPS uses family-centred care that involves a child’s parents or other caregivers as active participants in the treatment. Services may include individual, group and/or family therapy.

The Program

  • This specialized service may include individual, group and/or family therapy, therapeutic play, parent education & support groups, and guided parent-child interaction.

  • Therapists provide community-based outreach and consultation to other professionals.

  • Supports Home Visitation and Head Start.

Who It’s For

  • Infants and preschoolers between birth and 5 years with a wide range of social and emotional difficulties.

  • Families living in the Edmonton area, or Central or Northern Alberta.

  • This program is offered at CASA Fort Road and CASA Centre.

  • Please note that the program will not accept any referrals that are high-conflict.


Referral form can be accessed below. Telephone inquiries can be made at 780-400-4542.