Family Advisory Council

First established in 2014, the Family Advisory Council (FAC) is a committee of caregivers with lived experience in the children’s mental health and youth addiction system who provide valuable feedback to support CASA’s mission. Families can serve as valuable advisors to health service providers across the spectrum of service delivery. Family input into program development, implementation, and evaluation, as well as into organizational policies and community initiatives, ensures that services are truly family-centred and meet patient and family needs, priorities, goals, and values. 
Within children’s mental health—where assessment and treatment interventions include the whole family—the perspective of children and their families is especially important. Families play a key role in strengthening partnerships, increasing advocacy, developing community links, and building appropriate resources and training materials. In terms of treatment outcomes, studies show that when health care providers work in partnership with patients and families, program quality and patient safety improve, costs decrease, and patient satisfaction increases.
The purpose of the Family Advisory Council is to engage families by inviting their feedback to improve CASA programs, services, policies, and development. The Council achieves this goal by raising awareness about mental health, empowering families to bring their perspectives to the youth’s therapeutic team, and by striving to minimize stigmas attached to individuals and their families who want only the very best for all youth struggling with mental health. 
The Family Advisory Council works towards this purpose by:

  • Assisting with annual CASA Gala Fundraising event

  • Presentations to board members and stakeholders regarding family needs and desires within systemic care

  • Creating the first ever CASA Family Handbook

  • Mentorship/peer support program for families and caregivers, as well as relationship building with the CASA Youth Advisory Council

Interested in Getting Involved?
If you would like to share your voice by contributing to the Family Advisory Council, please fill out our application form and have a look at the CASA Family Advisory Council Terms of Reference.