Evaluation and Research

Evaluation and research are important activities that inform the planning, delivery, and reporting of CASA’s programs and services. The Evaluation and Research team (E&R) seeks to support evidence-informed decision making to ensure the best outcomes for CASA’s children, families, staff, and partners. The team’s core functions include:

  • Program Evaluation: Program evaluation uses “a systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using information to answer basic questions about a program - and to ensure that those answers are supported by evidence.” CASA’s E&R team works with programs to identify their goals, select appropriate indicators, collect and analyze data, and prepare reports.

  • Organizational Performance Measurement: We collect, analyze, and report information regarding the performance of the organization and our progress towards our goals. The E&R team also tracks quality improvement initiatives and manages the Accreditation process.

  • Research: We conduct both retrospective and prospective research at CASA. Research activities include completing ethics submissions, creating and analyzing data sets, preparing manuscripts, and a variety of other communications.


Contact Us
Do you want to learn more about CASA’s evaluation and research activities? Are you interested in collaborating with us? Please contact Anna Rissanen, Director of Research, Evaluation and Innovation, at arissanen@casaservices.org.