Employee Testimonials

"Of the many reasons I chose to join CASA, two stand out the most. First: I have never been so amazed by how much every person in CASA is dedicated to, and passionate about, helping both the children and families who come to CASA for help. Second: The amazing men and women who call CASA home are so much more than just co-workers, they are a family, dedicated helping each other to learn and grow as individuals and professionals. I find these two points vital to CASA’s success, since who better to help one family than another family. These two reasons heavily influenced my desire to join CASA, and I considered it a privilege to be part of this Family now.”

-Christian, Classroom Behavior Specialist

"More than 11 years ago I was looking for a job with MEANING; with good people doing good and important  things. I am still here, and feel the same. The personal stories from families and coworkers tell it all, and keep me happy at work and volunteering too!"                                               

-Lorna, Administrative Assistant

“CASA Services has been an excellent support for myself both personally and professionally. With the incredibly supportive team members within the IPS team, as well as the multiple other teams CASA Services comprises, I have gained both clinical mentorship, and personal support and growth with challenging cases. The wide range of professionals and teams in CASA Services provides an encompassing range of perspectives for case consultation and personal growth. Furthermore, while the work is complex and challenging, with the support and structure of the organization, and perhaps most importantly, supportive personalities in the CASA team, work is engaging and fun.”

– Ellis, Mental Health Therapist

“Infant and Preschool services is an exciting and dynamic place to work. Working on a multidisciplinary team with so much expertise and experience is a continual learning experience for me. I really value partnering with parents as we navigate what is going on for their children and how they can best be supported. Working with the parent-child dyad is a cornerstone of what we do in IPS and it’s so important for me that the work we do really makes a difference!”

- Chelsea, Clinical Lead