Children's Day Program (CDP)

CASA’s Children’s Day Program (CDP) supports children with identified mental health and learning concerns to improve their social and academic skills through an intensive day program.


Individualized treatment plans work towards successfully reintegrating each child into their community school. CDP uses a family-centred approach that involves parents and caregivers as active participants in the program. Evidence-based, trauma-informed interventions are developed for each child by the multidisciplinary team.

The Program
CDP partners with
Edmonton Public Schools to provide a small classroom setting. With support from mental health professionals and teachers, children participate in:

  • Treatment which can include individual, group and family therapy;

  • Specialized interventions to support social skills development;

  • Individual educational assessment and instruction;

  • Emotional and sensory awareness skills training; and

  • Medication management and monitoring.

Who It’s For

  • Children in grades 3 - 6 and their families.

  • Children must have had a mental health assessment completed within the last 6 months, received a formal mental health diagnosis and be currently involved in therapeutic treatment.

  • Children attend the program daily during the school year for an average of 6 months.

Referrals must be jointly made by a health professional, such as a physician or therapist, and the child’s schools. Referrals can be made through centralized intake at Alberta Health Services: 825-402-6799