CASA’s Concurrent Addiction and Mental Health Program (CAMP) provides community based prevention and early intervention; screening, assessment, and treatment of youth with a mental health concern and risk of developing or coping with addiction(s).


Research has shown that we get the best outcomes when the two challenges are addressed at the same time (concurrently). CAMP uses a trauma-informed, strengths-based, and family-centred approach that involves parents/caregivers and supports as active collaborators in treatment.

The Program

  • Individualized care plans with practical strategies are created for each youth and family.

  • Treatment can include individual, group, and family therapy; life skills teaching; and medication management.

  • Harm reduction and motivational interviewing are used to engage youth where they are at.

  • Motivational Interviewing and Harm Reduction approaches are used to meet youth “where they are at” in their stage of change.

  • Individualized care plans with practical strategies are co-created for each youth and family.

  • Treatment is tailored and may include individual, group and/or family therapy; medication management; community connections.

Who It’s For

  • Youth in the Edmonton area and across central and northern Alberta

  • Ages 12 to 18 with mental health risk of developing or coping with addiction(s)

  • Addictions may include substances, such as alcohol or drugs, as well as problematic technology use such as gaming, social media or gambling

  • Mental health/mood concerns may include: stress, attention struggles, worries, trauma, sadness, emotional difficulties and/or relationship concerns

To refer, families can call CASA Intake Services directly at 780-410-8483, or download the CAMP referral form and fax it to CASA Intake Services at 780-435-6261.

Please note, at this time, the CAMP program has limited psychiatric services. Therefore, one-time psychiatric consultations, as determined by the Clinical Team, may be available to those who have a family doctor who is able to provide appropriate follow-up. The CAMP program is able to adequately provide counselling and support to individual youth experiencing addictions and mental health concerns.

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