CASA’s Concurrent Addiction and Mental Health Program (CAMP) offers a time limited, comprehensive, outpatient community-based assessment and treatment to youth (aged 12 - 17) who are struggling with both an addiction and a mental health concern. We offer differentiated care depending on need and readiness. CAMP supports youth and families/caregivers with addiction issues including substance and alcohol use, and/or overuse of specific activities (e.g. gaming, pornography, social media, food). At the same time, the program offers treatment for a wide range of mental health concerns including ADHD, depression, anxiety, psychosis, trauma/PTSD, and other issues that present concurrently with addictions.

Research has shown that we get the best outcomes when the two challenges are addressed at the same time (concurrently). CAMP uses a trauma-informed, strengths-based and family-centred approach that involves parents/caregivers and supports as active collaborators in treatment.

The Program

  • Individualized care plans with practical strategies are created for each youth and family/caregiver.

  • Treatment can include individual, group, art based therapy, and family/caregiver based programming; life skills teaching; and psychiatry consultation/treatment as needed.

  • Transitional support services for youth exiting the program.

  • Resources and psychoeducational information.

  • Consultation for outreach services as needed.

  • Motivational interviewing and harm reduction approaches are used to meet youth “where they are at” in their stage of change.

Who It’s For

  • Motivated or contemplating making changes.

  • Youth 12 - 17 years of age with both mental health and addiction concerns.

  • Voluntarily participation in treatment.

  • Willing to work with both an addictions counsellor and a mental health therapist.

  • The youth lives in the city of Edmonton or surrounding areas and is able and willing to travel to CASA clinic locations and attend regularly held sessions as needed.

  • Caregivers must be willing to participate in programming.​


How to Access CAMP

Call regional intake at 825-402-6799 or complete the CAMP referral form and fax it to CASA intake services at 780-435-6261.