About the Board

The CASA Board is a policy governing board responsible for the highest level of decision making, accountability and legal authority over the affairs of the organization. The board determines the long-term direction of the organization. Directors owe a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the organization; with the utmost good faith and with a commitment to preserve confidentiality in the matters of the organization. Directors on the board act in a position of trust on behalf of the community and are responsible for the effective governance of the organization.


CASA’s board currently meets every two months, with additional meetings for its four committees: Finance and Audit, Governance and Nominations, Government Relations and Board Accreditation.


Board Members


Janet Hancock

Vice Chair

Lara Oberg-Stenson, CPA

Bob McColl, CPA


Judy Buddle


David Fraser
David Roberts
Dr. Gord Kelly
Heather Hicks
Harry Sunner
Jill Sheward
John McCaffray
Manraj Deol
Nick Lilley
Rick Ewasiuk, Q.C.

Chief Executive Officer
Bonnie Blakley

Honourary Directors
Don Cranston, Q.C.

Ross J. Harris, FCA
Mary Hyndman
Margaret Shone, Q.C

Past Chairs

David McNeil, PhD

Faye Parker

Richard Drewry, Q.C.

Don Cranston, Q.C.
Dr. W.G. Dewhurst (deceased)
Gwen Harris
Ross J. Harris, FCA
Mary Hyndman
Thomas R. Owen
Margaret Shone, Q.C.
Doris Wilson, Q.C.

Honourary Patrons

Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Honourable Salma Lakhani

Robert C. P. Westbury, PhD, LLD (hon)
Dr. Myer Horowitz, O.C.