CASA Adult Mental Health Program

CASA is committed to family wellness and a family-centred model of care. Our Adult Mental Health Program provides evidence-based mental health services to parents or other caregivers of children in CASA programs. When adults have the support they need to cope and thrive, they are better able to meet the needs of their child and family.

The Program
•    Individualized to meet the needs of the parent/caregiver and their family.
•    May include mental health assessment, individual therapy, and group therapy.
•    Supports continuity of care between child and adult needs.

Who It’s For

  • Parents/caregivers with a child in any CASA program.

  • Concerns may include depression, anxiety, ADHD, personality disorders, addictions,       relational conflict, and other challenges.

Parents/caregivers can be referred to this program by their child’s CASA therapist.