Adolescent Day Program (ADP)

CASA’s Adolescent Day Program (ADP) is a community-based program aimed at improving the social and academic functioning of youth with serious mental health and/or addictions challenges and difficulties at school, so they can successfully reintegrate into their community school.


ADP uses a family-centred approach that involves parents and caregivers as active participants in the treatment.

The Program

  • ADP partners with Edmonton Public Schools to provide intensive group, family and individual psychotherapies; as well as education in small classroom settings.

  • Youth are supported to strengthen existing abilities and develop new skills in the areas of interpersonal relationships, problem solving, conflict management, organization, task management and family function.

  • Youth attend ADP daily during the school year for an average of 4 months.

Who It’s For

  • Youth who have not responded as expected to previous clinical interventions.

  • Youth who are unable to attend a community school because of emotional, psychological and/or behavioural challenges.

  • Youth in grades 8-12.


Referrals can be made by psychiatrists and/or therapists (with psychiatrist’s support) through Intake Services of Children, Youth and Families Addiction and Mental Health at 825-402-6799