Community Geographic Team (CGT)


What is the CGT Program?

CGT is an education, training, coaching, mentoring and consultation service offered by CASA consultants.

Who is the CGT for?

Children's mental health and addictions therapists and related service providers in the North East, North West and Central East Alberta Health Services regions. 

Services participants will receive from CGT

  • Education on subjects related to children's mental health assessment and treatment.
  • Training on topics of their choosing (i.e. infant assessment, parent group facilitation).
  • Coaching and mentoring upon request to support their education and training needs.
  • Consultation on patient files brought to the CGT by the regional therapist.

Clients and communities will experience:

  • Improved local availability of resources for children’s mental health assessment and treatment.
  • Decreased wait time and travel time for services or programs that were previously available only in urban centres.


  • Services are delivered through video-conferencing, teleconferencing, and in-person sessions.
  • Education is provided in the form of learning events.
  • Skills are developed through 1:1 coaching, co-therapy, observation, and group learning events.
  • Coaching, mentoring, and consultation occur in the context of a 1:1 relationship between a CGT Consultant and a Mental Health Therapist who is seeking guidance in the area of children's mental health.
  • Consultation services are case specific and are provided to the therapist on an individualized basis.


Alberta Health Services, Allied Health, Education, and Human Services.  


  • CGT Consultants are based at CASA sites in Edmonton. Each CGT Consultant is responsible for liaising with and delivering services to a designated zone.

Referral eligibility

  • Any Alberta Health Services Mental Health Therapist in the North East, North West and Central East zone providing mental health services to an infant, child, adolescent or their family.
  • Allied Health providers, Education and Human Service professionals working with children and families who may have mental health concerns.

Eligibility exclusions

Mental Health Therapists and service providers outside the North East, North West and Central East regions. 

Referral information

  • The referring clinician remains the primary therapist responsible for directing patient care, providing treatment, and follow-up.
  • The child and family are aware of, and have consented in writing to the CGT Consultant's involvement. 

For more information

Please contact the Program Coordinator, Sharon Rayment at 780-410-8457.